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Stencilling Inks

NCB Marking Equipment supplies an extensive range of Diagraph stencilling ink for all applications and is the UK's main supplier for Diagraph. Working closely with customers we will ensure that you find the most suitable stencil ink option. We advise customers to consider the following prior to selecting a stencilling ink:

  • What material are you planning on stencilling and what condition is the materials in?

  • How much stencilling are you planning on doing and at what speed?

  • How long will you be able to leave the ink to dry?

  • What will the temperature of the material be?

  • What are the surrounding environmental impacts?

  • Do you need a temporary/permanent mark? 

  • Does the mark need to withstand heat/fluids/weather/abrasion?

Ink Applicators

We supply high quality durable ink applicators.

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