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Stencil Cutting Machines and The Pre-Cast Concrete Industry

For many years the pre-cast concrete industry has favoured stencilling as its method of traceability marking and this shows no sign of abating.

The reliability and robustness of the computer-controlled stencil cutting machine along with its ease of use and quality results means that it is ideal for this form of marking.

Many pre-cast companies say that they use the stencil cutting machine to do 99% of their marking.

The primary use of the stencil cutting machine is for traceability and identification marking, for compliance marking and product numbers where items need to be pulled from a large yard.

However, in addition to this, customers find that the machine can be used as a marketing tool. Stencilling the company logo on their product means that the company name can be showcased both in transit and at its new location.

NCB Marking Equipment makes the whole purchasing process simple with on-site demos and training and then detailed discussions on the most appropriate stencil material to use, applicators and inks.

It is not surprising that the Computer Controlled Stencil Cutting machine is one of NCB Marking Equipment’s most popular products.

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